Thursday, October 3, 2013

the pumpkin spice bandwagon

i love that this is pumpkin spice season, thank you starbucks! i'll take pumpkin spice in chai tea, bread, cupcakes, even candles. i love it!

and i have been seeing diy pumpkin spice syrup all over pinterest so i had to try making it for more than a few reasons like...a)i like making stuff; b)i love pumpkin spice; and c)i don't drink coffee so i find actually going to starbucks a little intimidating, i never know if i want a grande or a venti and sometimes i just panic and order a hot chocolate!

so i started with a recipe found here, on the adorable savvy eats blog.

it's very tasty and i'm very deep like with it, it might even be a crush but i have a feeling i'll be tinkering with my own version over the season. if it turns out well, i'll share. until then, enjoy your pumpkin spice in whatever form you can!


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