Sunday, November 17, 2013

advent calendar

i like to celebrate one holiday at a time, halloween all the way until halloween even though the stores change over to christmas on october 31st. then i like to continue with fall and celebrate thanksgiving. novel idea i know! the one exception i make is getting my advent calendar ready. i find having an advent calendar really helps to enjoy the season.

for the last few years we have been using little tags that i designed in combination with the framed metal clip strips (also something i designed and available in my etsy shop) and an assortment of jars, boxes and bags.

the assortment gives us tasty treats some days and fun christmas activities too. some tags i just cut the number bit off into a square and some i fold in half and write the activity on. here's a sample list:


p.s. you can find the tags here (page 1, page 2 and page 3), if you would like a copy!

p.p.s. find more of my favorite advent ideas here!

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Tammy T said...

Love it! Your display is so elegant! Having an advent really helps keep us in the holiday spirit!