Wednesday, November 13, 2013

box up your leftovers!

more thanksgiving talk? oh yes! i'm having a blast planning every little detail, from the menu to the boxes to send the leftovers home with my guests!

i have been in love with these brown fold-pak takeout boxes for a few years, ever since i found the restaurant supply store in my town, so many packaging options! this box, box #4, is great for leftovers, about 2 dozen cookies or 6 cupcakes. west coast girls, have you been to cash & carry yet? so awesome! and everyone else, look for a restaurant supply store in your town.

so this year to dress up my takeout & "take home" boxes i'm adding a little thanksgiving seal, complete with my theme appropriate acorn and a spot for my guests name. i've made up a little downloadable sheet in case you want to use them too and here's a quick bit of instruction on how to turn them into seals.

-printed seals (find them here)
-2" circle punch (or scissors)
-xyron 510/5" creative station
-something to color with (if desired)

how to:
-open pdf and print on cardstock.
-color seals if desired (i used some watered down acrylic paints to "watercolor" my acorns).
-punch out (or cut) with the 2" circle punch.
-run circles through the xyron to turn into stickers and ta-da!

happy thanksgiving prepping!

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Tammy T said...

These are adorable lady! And love Cash & Carry…and those boxes!