Sunday, December 8, 2013

cookie packaging, part 1

this is the time of year where i start planning what kinds of holiday goodies i want to make for my friends & family, and of course the packaging is vitally important too! i have a crazy long list of cookies i want to make this year and no idea how i want to package them. and honestly i really should have thought about this sooner but i refuse to let anything as fun as holiday baking cause me stress. at least not until the last minute...hee hee!

one of my all time favorites is using clear lidded boxes to give a variety box of treats. i start with a stationary box (find them here), cover the sides in decorative scrapbooking paper, place cupcake liners inside and fill them with a assortment of treats. then i glue a custom label to the lid and tie it all together with twine. i love this packaging so much i think i did it for a few years in a row.

i also love using paper cd envelopes to hold one big cookie. it's a great way to give a just little holiday sugar to someone. i wrap the cookie in plastic wrap to keep it fresh, insert in into the envelope, glue on a cute little label and adhere the envelope closed.

and last year i made rolls of cookies for my sweet coworkers. i neglected to take a photo but here is the idea that inspired me. southern living suggested giving cookie dough in a cute roll with the recipe but i know my friends would rather have ready made treats and it's quite easy to wrap a dozen cookies into a parchment present.

so what will i do this year? good question. glassine bags, mason jars, my favorite brown takeout boxes...i guess i better figure that out, my days are getting numbered! stay tuned for cookie packaging, part 2.


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Tammy T said...

I love your packaging! And of course the treats inside! Yum.