Sunday, January 5, 2014

my word

in case you don't know, ali edwards has started a super cool tradition...well let's call it a movement actually...of choosing one little word to focus, meditate and reflect on through the year.

last year i chose the word better. a better relationship with my husband, better eating habits, better sleep, better outlook, better attitude, and more. and just the act of choosing the word helped me keep it with me in my daily life, helped me keep my head on straight through some of the trials of the past year. and after a year i can definitely say that life is better.

this year i have chosen focus. with a general feeling that life is better, i have questions for myself. which path is the right one for me? which projects should i be concentrating on right now? where would i like to be at the end of this year?

i'm excited for what 2014 holds for me.


1 comment:

Tammy T said...

I really love your word lady…and I have something that will be coming in the mail soon to support it!