Sunday, February 22, 2015

a veggie adventure

so we're sorta vegetarians now and would you believe it's homework? shaun's homework not mine but as the meal planner and primary cook, i couldn't really let shaun do it alone. shall i explain? shaun had to choose a social issue for one of his classes and he felt drawn to animal rights. after studying it further in class and having to watch some pretty graphic documentaries, he was more than willing to give up meat as the topic for his class project.  

and how's it going? well after 4 weeks i'm feeling good. i have more energy and i'm not really missing meat. and i'm cooking a lot! here are some of our new favs:

- black bean avocado enchiladas from the garden grazer
- one-pot pasta primavera from oh my veggies
- baked pinto bean taquitos with the best salsa maybe ever (and it is) from dream a little bigger
- pasta with spinach & beans from cooking light (we use parmesan instead of feta)

we have 4 weeks to go in the school quarter and then we are going talk about what we might want to add back in. 


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