Tuesday, June 14, 2016

foiled marble

i love foiling, love it! and i love marbling techniques so i wanted to find a way to combine them. there are probably lots of ways to add foil to marbled paper but i happened to have some minc reactive mist that needed further exploring and here's the result of my adventures...
i marbled my paper using alcohol inks and cold water (see more about that technique here) but before dipping my paper in the alcohol ink/water, i sprayed it with minc reactive mist. the alcohol ink/water washed some of the sticky reactive mist away but when the paper was dry, some spots remained and when i added the reactive foil on top and sent it through my laminator, ta-da!
a tip for you if you are planning to try this...marble your paper and let dry completely. i left mine overnight and it was perfect.

to add to my simple card i thought it would be fun to create a tassel. i used the paper smooches fringe die with tissue paper.
i used an ink blending tool to add a little bit of minc art screen ink to the ends of the fringe.
after the screen ink was dry, i added gold foil and ran it through my laminator.

to create the tassel, i just rolled up the fringe and secured it with some gold thread.


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