Saturday, August 13, 2016

ombre glitter letters

i love glitter so much! and i have a soft spot for ombre and letters too so this card makes me extra happy! and one of the best parts, i created my own ombre glitter shades! the recipe is easy...2 parts color + 1 part clear glitter = mid-shade and 1 part color + 2 parts clear = lightest shade.
to create this card, start by stamping a sentiment on a 4-1/4 x 5-1/2 panel.
apply clear double-sided adhesive over your stamped panel like be creative tape. 

die cut your word or shape by placing a thin piece of paper (like copy/printer paper) between your die and adhesive-covered panel. the copy paper keeps the die from cutting all the way through the adhesive.

remove the liner paper from the panel background, taking care not to touch the adhesive and leaving the liner on the letters or shape you've cut. tweezers are very helpful.

apply clear glitter, shake off excess and burnish with fingers.
remove liner paper from letters and apply colored glitter starting with lightest color first. then burnish letters with fingers.

the colored glitter can easily be brushed away from the clear glitter background and then look how fab it is!

have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!


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Unknown said...

Your card is truly amazing!

Lindar C said...

Love the water color flowers and glitter card, I know you explained how you did it but a video would be great for this newbie.

Lisa Lara said...

Beautiful cards Carly. Love your sparkle LOVE card.

Jeanette said...

The watercolor flowers are lovely and I love the glitter technique!

Lourdes said...

Simple yet so beautiful