Friday, July 15, 2016

#foilallthethings + ehllc newsletter

i'm super excited to be a guest in today's ellen hutson llc newsletter, sharing my love of minc products and foiling! 
if you don't get the ellen hutson llc newsletter, run to sign up because it is always full of news, education and specials! and you can read my article here!



I Card Everyone said...

Carly tee I'm sure that many have tried to leave you love, but for some reason there is an error message ... here is what they have to do: click on 'open in new window' and voila! Here I am!

I love everything you've foiled ... from artsy, to delicate, each card is a masterpiece! Thanks so much for sharing your love ... sigh ... I may have to go shopping AGAIN!! xx We need to see more of you, that is for SURE!!
=] Michele

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

How beautiful!!! Love the designs!