Friday, December 9, 2011

friday creative: holiday edition #5

today's project starts with adorable soft trees designed by stephanie from little birds handmade, (a blog that sadly seems to be no more). a few years ago everyone was making these cutie pie trees and i wanted to as well but i really can't sew! this year i recruited my mama to help and ended up with this little cutie... and then after we (i helped a little,) made a second bigger tree, i added bows to the top and photos to the front with stick pins. don't they make adorable photo holders? they look so cute on the mantle, i think we might make a whole forest!

here is the template and sewing instructions courtesy of little birds. my smaller tree with the wallet sized photo is the template enlarged 30% and my larger tree with the 3.5x5 photo is enlarged 180%.

happy friday!

xo, carly

Friday, December 2, 2011

friday creative: holiday edition #4

today's project is another fun idea from miss martha, mitten clips! she recommends using them as gift tags but of course i think they make great photo holders! the sweet little mittens are a great way to add holiday photos to your tree, garland and gifts too! here's a link to miss martha's version and here's mine...
happy friday!
xo, carly

Friday, November 25, 2011

friday creative: holiday edition #3

i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! and if you're not out doing the crazy shopping thing, maybe you feel like crafting today!

today's project is my take on martha stewart's ribbon card holder (photo 1 of 5). i made mine a little more rustic, making it out of burlap instead. and after the holiday season i plan to use it as a photo holder, because in my opinion you can always use more photo holders!

so here's how you make it...


-a piece of burlap/fabric/ribbon that is 4-inches wide & 45-inches or longer, plus extra to make the bow at the top

-2 pieces of narrow satin ribbon the length of your burlap piece

-fabric glue


how to:

-use some of last year's holiday cards, some card envelopes or some photos as templates to space out the narrow ribbon on top of your burlap. make sure to put some going horizontally and some going vertically. then apply a small amount of fabric glue between your "templates".

-when all of your narrow ribbon is glued down, tie your bow for the top. then attach it with some fabric glue as well.

-hang your card holder on the wall with a small nail or tack and fill with holiday cards and photos. ta-da!
happy friday!
xo, carly

Friday, November 18, 2011

friday creative: holiday edition #2

it's the 2nd annual advent calendar! i loved making this project so much last year that i made it again! here's a little peek at last year's... and of course this year's had to involve my beloved shelves...
again i used one of our carly tee designs framed metal clip strips to hold the majority of the advent tags but this year i turned everything horizontally (had to fit it under my vintage sign). i cut a few tags down, attached them to packages of treats and left a few tags long, popping them into jars. to finish the display i added in a few of my favorite past holiday photos.

find the advent tags here, here, & here and fill them with fun holiday activities like baking, holiday movie nights, gingerbread house-making, holiday picture-taking, etc, etc.

happy friday!
xo, carly

p.s. i found the fabulous idea to glitter christmas lights on pinterest, from craftzine.

Friday, November 11, 2011

friday creative: holiday edition #1

today's first holiday edition of friday creative is a fabulous idea from country living magazine...i just love them! this pretty cluster of pinecones is perfect for thanksgiving all the way through christmas! and it's even better when you add photos!




-hot glue gun


-small copies of your favorite photos (i like wallet sizes)

how to:

-cut 1 to 2 foot lengths of ribbon and knot one end.

-hot glue the one end, under the knot, to the pinecone.

-attach your photos to ribbon as desired...punch a hole in the top and tie the ribbon on; adhere to the back, etc.

-once all the glue is dry, collect all the ribbon ends and stagger your pinecones & photos together.

-tie them to together and trim the top of the ribbon as needed.

-hang on a wall or door and ta-da!

happy friday!

xo, carly

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

handmade holidays

i'm hoping to have a very merry & very handmade holiday season and i think it's time to get started!for the next 7 weeks we will have holiday-themed friday creatives and other fun holiday extras here at the carly tee photography blog so stay tuned!

xo, carly

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

for tammy

i know i haven't done a sneak peek in a million years but i do have a note from my mama explaining why i didn't do my homework (haha!). but seriously, here's just a little one for tammy t...
i love you tammy t and those wonderful, amazing girls too!
xo, carly

Friday, October 14, 2011

be back soon...

been under the weather but be back soon!
xo, carly

Friday, October 7, 2011

a little more decorating...

with halloween coming and because it's fall, my shelves needed a little orange splash! i rearranged my photos & bits, took down a few pieces and then added some mini pumpkins, a pumpkin made from an old paperback book, an orange & white lollipop sitting in a vintage bottle, some retro sodas and finally a pinwheel magnet i made to put on my carly tee designs wire photo stand.

happy friday!
xo, carly

Friday, September 30, 2011

friday creative

i've been super excited to decorate for halloween and i think i've waited a respectable amount of time, after all it is october 1st this weekend!

so remember this little tree branch i started with a few weeks ago?

well i covered it in lovely faux webbing & a few glittered black spiders, and now i'm tucking some of my favorite fall & halloween photos in the webbing. so fun!
happy friday!
xo, carly

Friday, September 23, 2011

friday crave

my sweet friend tammy t gave me the best photo display gift and i think you should all get one too! it's the vintage receipt holder from 7gypsies, they make the best stuff!

happy friday!

xo, carly

Friday, September 16, 2011

the beginning...

...of a few friday creatives starts now with this little tree branch! while it's a little bit early for a lot of us to go crazy with black & orange and pumpkins, it's definitely time to add a little touch of fall to our decor. i found this pretty and slightly spooky branch in the yard, stripped the leaves and trimmed it to fit in a beautiful white pitcher, held up with some floral foam. now it's ready for some fall photo projects and some spooky halloween ones too! stay tuned!

happy friday!
xo, carly

Friday, September 9, 2011

friday crave

so i'm starting to gather all my supplies to decorate for fall and yes, halloween! i know it's early but i love it so much that i just can't help myself! anyways, my point is that as i have been getting out my decorations & planning my displays i have also been shopping a bit and i am loving this little cutie...wouldn't it be wonderful for displaying a group of pinecones with a photo tucked in? or a pile of glittered bones and your favorite halloween snapshot? you love it too don't you?! you can find it at

happy friday!

xo, carly

p.s. i'm not a spokesperson for farmhouse wares, i just have a big crush!

Friday, September 2, 2011

hello again

hello everyone,

i know it's been a while and i hope you've had a good summer. honestly, i'm so pleased to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. my summer has been hard and i know i don't usually share too much about my personal life on this blog so i'll just say i've been more than a bit under the weather, dealing with some illness and some chronic pain. and then we also lost my grandmother in august.

and here's where i get on my photographer's soap box, after my grandmother's passing there was one photo i wanted to find. i knew i didn't have the negative and i had been meaning to archive it properly and frame it for a long time but...i left it in a box somewhere. well i thought i left in a box somewhere, unfortunately i cannot find it anywhere and it breaks my heart a little bit. so here's my soap box bit, archive your important photos. make digitally copies, backup your digital copies, frame a copy and put it someplace it can make you happy everyday, take more photos, have your photos taken and tell the people you love that you love them EVERYDAY.

ok, i've said my peace.

anyway, i have a feeling fall is going to be lovely. much better than summer, so stay tuned.

xo, carly

Friday, July 22, 2011

friday creative

today's project is little something i've been working on for my studio, an inspiration board & photo display made from a vintage drying rack! i came across this totally cute idea while flipping through a magazine a few months ago (please help me if you know which one because i can't remember), and then when i found a vintage drying rack at the retreat vintage market from sweet fellow vendor, hello again, i had to do this! ok, i'll be honest, i had to ask my wonderful husband to help me mount the delicate vintage rack to the wall without destroying it. he added a support bar to the top and secured it to the wall with screws (into studs). and we also trimmed the legs a bit too.

once the vintage rack was hanging from the wall, i started to use it to display photos and other bits of paper inspiration with vintage hangers, extra large clips and clothespins. so fun!
happy friday!
xo, carly

Friday, July 8, 2011

friday crave

from the amazing world of etsy and bluebonnetfields junk shop, i'm in love with this...vintage sign/display stands make super cute photo holders and you'll be seeing one show up up in my decor projects soon because i'm not just craving this item, i ordered one!

happy friday!
xo, carly

Friday, July 1, 2011

friday creative

today's project started as a display from last weekend's wonderful retreat vintage market and became a fun permanent display for the skeleton key ornament! the ornaments are great to hang on walls (especially in groups of 3), are adorable as gift tags and of course are cute on trees but now we have a fun way to display them tabletop or on a shelf. supplies:
-large frame (like an 8x10)
-cardboard cut to fit inside frame
-burlap cut to fit inside frame
-your favorite wet adhesive (i recommend gluestick)
-decorative straight pin
-skeleton key ornament (find them in the carly tee design shop)
-small photo (like a 3.5x5 or wallet size)

how to:
-adhere burlap to cardboard and put under some heavy books to dry.
-when burlap-covered cardboard is dry, place inside frame.
-hang skeleton key with a pin and place photo inside key (the bottom of key has been repurposed to included a photo holder).

happy friday!
xo, carly

Sunday, June 26, 2011

thank you!

thank you to everyone who visited us at the wonderful retreat vintage market! and thank you the fabulous and amazing bob & deb kennedy for hosting such a fabulous show! we had a blast! in fact we had such a good time we forgot to take photos but here is one of our booth...thanks again!

xo, carly

p.s. the carly tee design shop is closed for a little maintenance and updates but it will be up & running again soon!

Friday, June 24, 2011

so excited!

tomorrow is the retreat vintage market and we are so very excited! we will have all of our carly tee photo decor products, including the limited edition handmade photo ladders. and we would LOVE to see you!

xo, carly & the team

Friday, June 10, 2011

big news!

we are so beyond super excited to announce that we are going to be joining the AMAZING collection of vendors at the RETREAT vintage market on june 25th! RETREAT is hosting an outdoor vintage market with antique, vintage, and handmade goods from 20+ inspiring vendors! held on beautiful camano island, just north of seattle, washington. learn more here and make plans to join us!

happy friday!
xo, carly & the team

Friday, June 3, 2011

friday creative

today's project is a super cute idea from the super cute nate berkus show, check out a clip here (watch "five dollar fixes"). i'm thinking of creating a display like the one from nate's show in my kitchen and throwing in another project with some vintage silverware, more on that soon... in the meantime i made a little practice silverplate tray frame with two of my favorite girls inside, my best buddy tammy t's girls! supplies:
-silverplate tray
-photo (make sure it's not your original)
-something to cut with (scissors, craft knife, circle cutter, etc.)
-your favorite dry adhesive (like double-sided tape)
-sandpaper to smooth photos edges if desired

how to:
-cut photo to fit tray and smooth edges with sandpaper if desired.
-adhere to tray.
-display on wall or shelf and ta-da!

happy friday!
xo, carly

Friday, May 27, 2011

friday creative

with the arrival of spring & summer, many of us will be hosting more social gatherings like spring brunches and summer bbqs. with friends and family visiting, it will be fun to have extra photos out to share and this is a fun, super fast and easy to change way to do it! supplies:
-a stack of your favorite photos (well, copies of your favorites would be best).
-a decorative bowl, tray, cake plate...something you love that can hold photos and a place to put it.

how to:
-it couldn't be easier, just place your photos in your decorative container and put in a location that you, your family and your guests can flip through (like your coffee table).
-easy and fun right?

happy friday!
xo, carly

Friday, May 6, 2011

friday creative

would you believe i'm still working on finding spots for things in our new place? sometimes i just stare at an object or spot and wait for the answer to come to me...and sometimes it does! like this little typewriter dilemma. i love vintage typewriters, so much that i have 4 of them, but they haven't found a spot. so i was super pleased to put 1 under my new shelves on top of some suitcases, with a photo!
-vintage typewriter
-8x10 photo

-adhesive (like double-sided tape)
-2 wooden skewers to support photo

how to:
-if photo is a lightweight print, adhere cardstock to back.
-place photo in typewriter as desired.

-trim skewers if necessary and place behind photo to keep photo upright.

-do you love it as much as i do?! 1 typewriter down, 3 to find spots for!

happy friday!
xo, carly

Friday, April 29, 2011

friday crave

welcome to a new feature here at the carly tee photography blog, friday crave! it's a fun opportunity for me to share things i think are awesome. most fridays will still be friday creatives but every once in a while i will sneak in a little show & tell like today...

today i'm loving the new (a still only available for preorder) polaroid gl10 mobile printer. this cutie pie mini printer does 3x4 prints or (and this is the kicker) classic polaroid-style prints! and it prints in less than a minute with no ink to refill because it's all about the special paper! cool right? i must have one!here's a pic...

and here's a link in case you want to know more.

hope you're having a happy friday!

xo, carly

Friday, April 22, 2011


so my shelves are finally up and actually have a collection of photos & memorabilia on them! what do you think?
i'm sure i will be playing with the frames and collections endlessly, rearranging them for the seasons (and my moods)...but that's the fun part right?!

happy friday!

xo, carly

Friday, April 8, 2011

friday creative

today's project is a fun twist on your everyday scrapbook and was inspired by my awesomely creative friend alissa, if you haven't checked out her blog yet, it's a fun one! it's a vintage book scrapbook! i made this one for my photos and memorabilia from last year's farm chicks show (gotta get it all scrapbooked before this year's show).

here's the outside, just a normal book...

and open it up all ready for page protectors, photos, tickets, postcards and more!


-vintage book like a dictionary or encyclopedia (make sure it is large enough to hold the things you want to put inside)

-3 ring binder mechanism

-2 book pages to "wallpaper" inside covers if desired

-strip of kraft wrapping paper to "wallpaper" book middle

-favorite adhesive (i recommend glue stick)

-rivets & tool

how to:

-remove the insides of your book carefully, so as not to damage the cover.

-if "wallpapering"/covering the inside covers with paper, choose decorative paper or 2 book pages from the book insides and adhere to the cover.

-for the middle of the inside spine, cut a piece of kraft wrap and adhere to book.

-let adhesive dry.

-place binder mechanism in desired place & mark with a pencil.

-drill holes and rivet into place.

-ta-da! now just add page protectors, photos and memorabilia!

happy friday!

xo, carly

Friday, April 1, 2011

a little difficulty...

so i'm having some technical difficulties with this week's friday creative and i'm not giving up yet, but in the meantime i thought i would share the next step in my shelf project (remember this one).

so the shelves are getting their second coat of my favorite cream paint, behr ultra in aged parchment and my new brackets came today!

aren't they just gorgeous?! is it ridiculous to love brackets? well i do! and in case you love them too, i got them here.

i'm hoping to have this project finished in a few days and then i'll show you how it all turns out!

happy friday!

xo, carly

Friday, March 25, 2011

friday creative

so as you can imagine i'm feeling super excited to be creative in my new workspace and my adorable friend heidi fay sent me a picture of this really cute project made by kelly rae roberts (see it here). i thought, "oh that's cute, i'll have to make it sometime." but then i was unpacking and found an old making memories idea book called beyond attachments (an oldie but a goodie) and there was a very cool and very similar project inside from jennifer jensen. and well that seemed like a sign so i had to make one! so here is my own vintage book
-vintage book
-craft knife
-straight edge (like a metal ruler)

how to:
-use a craft knife & metal edge to carefully cut a square from the cover of your book (i cut out a 5x5 square).
-then cut 5-10 inside pages approx. a 1/2 smaller than your cover was cut (my inside pages are about a 4.5x4.5 square) and you might want to rip a few pages out first like the title page, so text will actually be showing.
-sand the edges of the cover and pages for a fun distressed look if desired.
-crop your photo to fit (i cropped my 5x7 to a 5x5).
-place your photo under the text pages and tie book shut with ribbon, leaving decorative knots/bows on front or hiding under an embellishment like a pin. (you could also adhere the photo inside the book and skip the ribbon if you wanted).
-ta-da! perfect for my new studio space right?! hope you have as much fun making it as i did!

happy friday!
xo, carly

Thursday, March 24, 2011

sneak peek...

here is a sneak peek for my sweet friend tammy t! we took these on a terribly cold day after the most hysterical mexican lunch ever. it was a blast even if i couldn't feel my fingers after!i love you thiele family and miss you tons! thanks for being such wonderful models.

xo, carly

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i'm back!

sorry it's been so long! i'm just going to say it once to get it out of the way, moving is hard work!

we are unpacked but still working on lots of projects and i thought i would share a few of the in-progress shots...

we put a vintage window pane over my hubs desk and i'm planning to put photos in a few panes and leave the rest empty, then he can even use a empty one for a dry erase note board.

here a the shelves i will be refinishing. i know they look a little rough right now but they were a great garage sale find and then...

they will be going on this wall with the most beautiful shabby white brackets! perfect for displaying framed photos and silly little knick-knacks like a mirror ball (i lke sparkly things).

so i'm having fun! and i will be sharing (aka forcing you to look at) more photos when my projects are finished!

hope you're having a good day!
xo, carly
p.s. thanks for ignoring my unfinished molding and yet to be painted doors!

Friday, March 4, 2011

just to say hi

hi everyone! just wanted to check in and say a big hello! we are still unpacking and getting settled, it is so much work! forgive the missing friday creative but my computer (and at least half of my office,) is still in boxes.

hope you are having a great friday!

be back soon!
xo, carly

Friday, February 25, 2011

friday creative

today i wanted to share a super adorable idea i saw in this month's issue of martha stewart living while i was avoiding packing for our big moving day, which i'm sad to say is tomorrow.
miss martha has the fabulous idea to grab your camera & a cool prop or two to create custom cards, i also think this could just be an awesome afternoon activity! i can't wait to make my own speech bubble and have a little family photo shoot after the move! go here to see the article online or look for the february issue!

happy friday!
xo, carly

Friday, February 18, 2011

friday creative

today's project is a super easy way to add a little flair to a shelf of framed photos, just add some framed book pages! get creative with your frames, try something vintage (but make a quick check for words you might not want to showcase), a childhood favorite or even some sheet music! and mix and match frame sizes too.happy friday!
xo, carly

Monday, February 14, 2011

little love

happy valentine's day everyone! i hope you are having a good day and showing your loved ones lots of love!

i thought i would share a sneak peek of sweet little love alex...
isn't she a cute little peanut?! and her mom is pretty cute too! much love to you, tam and alex!

xo, carly

Friday, February 11, 2011

friday creative

today's project is inspired by the amazing matthew mead! last year for better homes and gardens magazine he suggested wrapping small valentine's gifts in votive containers with cupcake liner & twine toppers. too cute right?! well i love this idea so much and i love jars and photos in jars (remember this project) i used a bigger vintage jar, a jumbo cupcake liner and some white & gray bakers twine to create this...

i'm in love! thank you matthew mead! see more of his wonderful creativity here.

happy friday!
xo, carly
p.s. this is also an adorable way to give cookies (in case anyone out there is needing a last minute valentine's idea).

Friday, February 4, 2011

friday creative: 2011 love edition #4

today is our last of the 2011 love editions and i hope you are all preparing to shower your friends & family with love! we are making a cute little project today for all of you who want some decorating to go with your gifts (and sugar, because what's valentine's without sugar)!
-decorative paper (like vintage sheet music)
-hole punch

how to:
-crop photos and paper into hearts.
-punch holes and thread onto ribbon.
-hang and enjoy!

happy friday!
xo, carly

Thursday, February 3, 2011

i {heart} red velvet!

i needed a little break today and i always need sugar (it's a constant problem,) so i made my first batch of red velvet whoopie pies. and since it's the season i made them heart shaped! thanks to better homes & gardens for the yummy recipe and here it is if you want to try...

-2 cups flour
-2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
-1/2 teaspoon baking soda
-1/4 teaspoon salt
-1/2 cup softened butter
-1 cup packed brown sugar
-1 egg
-1 teaspoon vanilla
-1/2 cup buttermilk
-2 tablespoons red food coloring

-preheat oven to 375 degrees. line baking sheets with parchment (if making heart whoopie pies, draw or trace hearts on one sheet of parchment and place underneath another to use as a template).
-in a medium bowl combine flour, cocoa powder, soda & salt, set aside.
-beat butter on medium to high for 30 seconds. beat in sugar until light & fluffy. beat in egg & vanilla.
-alternately add flour mixture and milk, beating after each addition until just combined. then stir in food coloring.
-spoon batter in 1 or 2 inch diameter rounds, about 1/2 inch high on prepared baking sheets. (or if making hearts, place batter in a pastry bag and trace heart template on parchment.)
-bake 7 to 9 minutes for 1 inch pies, or 9 to 11 minutes for 2 inch or heart pies. let cool and then complete with filling.
-for filling beat 1/4 cup softened butter and half of an 8 ounce package of cream cheese until smooth. then fold in a 7 ounce jar of marshmallow creme.
-refrigerate in airtight container for up to 4 days.

xo, carly