Saturday, October 29, 2016

marbled with water

Today I have yet another marbling technique to share. I love it and I can't stop...I might need help. Stand still for too long and I might marble you, LOL!

If you have stopped by my blog before, you might know how much I love multi-tasking supplies and this marbling technique uses one of my favorites, alcohol inks!

I love this technique so much, I've used it a lot but today I made a video...

Happy Weekend!


Friday, October 28, 2016

marbled with cream

Today I want to share a 3rd technique to create marbled paper and it uses supplies you most likely have on hand, shaving cream & reinkers! 
Start by putting a shallow layer of shaving cream in a dish you don't mind staining. I just use a disposable foil pan. And I HIGHLY recommend using unscented shaving cream because even the best smelling cream can get a little overwhelming as you work. Ask me how I know, LOL!
Add drops of ink on top of the cream. Use a spatula to create a design in the cream. 

Place cardstock into cream and carefully press down over the whole surface to tranfer the ink from the cream to the cardstock.
Use spatula to scrape away excess cream.
Cool right? Set cardstock aside to dry. Add more ink to cream, swirl and marble more paper!

To finish card, cut a triangle of colored cardstock (or ink one like me because I love doing it the hard way).
Create a sentiment by combining stamps and a die cut. I cut word from gold foil but wanted to use Rose Gold sequins so I applied a little pink alcohol ink to the surface.

And ta-da! This technique works great with all kinds of reinkers and is especially fun with kids (just make sure to use washable ink).

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

more marble...

I'm sharing another marble technique over in The CLASSroom at Ellen Hutson LLC...faux marble with embossing powder. It's a cool idea from Wendy Vecchi. Come check it out...

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

inspiring me right now... marble

I have a tendency to go on "kicks". You know, the kind of thing where you LOVE something so much you do it for weeks until you get it out of your system. I am very "kicky", like lentil soup everyday for lunch for a few months now; or wearing striped shirts almost every other day because they are my fav & I have so many; watching a whole season on Netflix in a weekend; or loving a trend so much that I have to think of every crafty technique to create it with paper & ink. That was a long-winded way of me saying welcome to marble week!

I'm sure I haven't thought of every way to use my supplies to marble but I have a few to share along with an inspiration board.
Let's start with acrylic paint! This card uses acrylic paint in 2 ways to create 2 marbled looks.
To create the background, you need water, non-toxic dish soap, non-toxic acrylic paint and a shallow dish to work in. Mix a solution that is 1 part paint, 1 part soap and 2 parts water. I used metallic gold paint.
Use a straw to fill the dish with bubbles. It's just like the bubbles you blew in your milk when you were a kid, LOL! 
When the dish is full of bubbles, gently press a piece of cardstock into the bubbles. Repeat as desired to achieve a look you love.
To create the leaf accents, stamp on gold foil paper with a permanent ink like Stazon.

Die cut leaves with coordinating dies.

Apply a large dollop of white acrylic paint to a non-stick surface and add a few drops of alcohol ink or other liquid ink (like a reinker). 
Swirl ink in paint with a tool like a toothpick to create a design.
Dip leaves into paint.
Die cut the background and sentiment, gather all the pieces and assemble.

Thanks so much for stopping by and come back tomorrow for more!