Thursday, September 29, 2016


Have you played with a FUSE tool yet? I love mine and today I'm over in The CLASSroom at Ellen Hutson LLC with a little FUSE-made Halloween treat...
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

love you so

I like to plan my crafty projects, I even keep a calendar for it. I find that making a plan ahead of time helps inspire me and increases my creativity. Does that sound dorky? Does anyone still say dorky? LOL!

I love Where The Wild Things Are and I love Julie's "Love You So" stamp. And after seeing the most adorable Wild Things costumes for littles, this is one of those cards that struck me.
Creating this card is super easy! Emboss leaves in clear to create a resist. I used leaves from nultiple sets.
Paint a messy green & blue watercolor over the leaves. I used Distress Inks, my favorite multi-taskers.
Stamp sentiment in black, masking the crown.
Stamp the crown in a mustard-y gold. I used Clean Color Mustard.
Watercolor crown. I started with a Clean Color marker and the added some metallic Gansai Tambi on top.

Hope your week is going well!


Saturday, September 24, 2016

stitched mini book

I've been excited to try stab binding after seeing it on Pinterest and today I did, creating a little mini book to house pics and papers from our last vacation.
To create the cover, I printed the date & title on a toner printer and foiled it. The setting I used did not put quite enough toner down for all the foil to stick but I like the distressed look that resulted.

I cut all of my cardstock pages and memorabilia to 5-3/4 x 8.
I gathered the pages and held them together with clips. Then punched holes through the pages using a screw punch.

I stitched the pages together with twine using an awesome tutorial for Life Love Paper. (By the way, besides the binding tutorial, Life Love Paper has a cool blog and shop. Definitely check it out!)

This project came together so quick, was so easy and I love it! Can't wait to fill it with photos!

Hope you had a crafty Saturday too!


Thursday, September 22, 2016


Is your felt ever too flimsy? I'm over in The CLASSroom today at Ellen Hutson LLC and I'll show how to fix that!
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

stitched leaves

I love the look of stitching on paper but unfortunately stitching isn't really one of my talents. So with my skill level in mind, I added just a few simple stitches to a stamped image...
To create this card, start by stamping leaves in a permanent & waterproof ink. Waterproof is helpful because you will be handling the paper later while sewing and you don't want any smudges. I used Archival Ink in Magenta Hue and one of my favorite stamps set by Catherine Scanlon, Whimsical Flowers.
Choose colors of embroidery floss for stitching. I really wanted the greens and pink but I didn't have any so I used my Distress Ink to color them. Swipe ink of craft mat, spray with water and pull floss/thread through the puddles to color.
Let floss dry or speed process with a heat gun. Ta-da! Custom colors!
Punch holes in design to make stitching easier.
To create flower accent, die cut multiple layers of white tissue with different sized dies. I used the Essentials by Ellen Mondo Peony.

Color the tissue with ink spray, ink blending, etc. There is no wrong way but ink blending does dry faster.
Layer flowers and carefully stitch together.
Add flower, sentiment and splatter to panel. And add stitched panel to card.

Thanks for coming by and have a great Tuesday!