Friday, March 25, 2011

friday creative

so as you can imagine i'm feeling super excited to be creative in my new workspace and my adorable friend heidi fay sent me a picture of this really cute project made by kelly rae roberts (see it here). i thought, "oh that's cute, i'll have to make it sometime." but then i was unpacking and found an old making memories idea book called beyond attachments (an oldie but a goodie) and there was a very cool and very similar project inside from jennifer jensen. and well that seemed like a sign so i had to make one! so here is my own vintage book
-vintage book
-craft knife
-straight edge (like a metal ruler)

how to:
-use a craft knife & metal edge to carefully cut a square from the cover of your book (i cut out a 5x5 square).
-then cut 5-10 inside pages approx. a 1/2 smaller than your cover was cut (my inside pages are about a 4.5x4.5 square) and you might want to rip a few pages out first like the title page, so text will actually be showing.
-sand the edges of the cover and pages for a fun distressed look if desired.
-crop your photo to fit (i cropped my 5x7 to a 5x5).
-place your photo under the text pages and tie book shut with ribbon, leaving decorative knots/bows on front or hiding under an embellishment like a pin. (you could also adhere the photo inside the book and skip the ribbon if you wanted).
-ta-da! perfect for my new studio space right?! hope you have as much fun making it as i did!

happy friday!
xo, carly

Thursday, March 24, 2011

sneak peek...

here is a sneak peek for my sweet friend tammy t! we took these on a terribly cold day after the most hysterical mexican lunch ever. it was a blast even if i couldn't feel my fingers after!i love you thiele family and miss you tons! thanks for being such wonderful models.

xo, carly

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i'm back!

sorry it's been so long! i'm just going to say it once to get it out of the way, moving is hard work!

we are unpacked but still working on lots of projects and i thought i would share a few of the in-progress shots...

we put a vintage window pane over my hubs desk and i'm planning to put photos in a few panes and leave the rest empty, then he can even use a empty one for a dry erase note board.

here a the shelves i will be refinishing. i know they look a little rough right now but they were a great garage sale find and then...

they will be going on this wall with the most beautiful shabby white brackets! perfect for displaying framed photos and silly little knick-knacks like a mirror ball (i lke sparkly things).

so i'm having fun! and i will be sharing (aka forcing you to look at) more photos when my projects are finished!

hope you're having a good day!
xo, carly
p.s. thanks for ignoring my unfinished molding and yet to be painted doors!

Friday, March 4, 2011

just to say hi

hi everyone! just wanted to check in and say a big hello! we are still unpacking and getting settled, it is so much work! forgive the missing friday creative but my computer (and at least half of my office,) is still in boxes.

hope you are having a great friday!

be back soon!
xo, carly