Friday, April 29, 2011

friday crave

welcome to a new feature here at the carly tee photography blog, friday crave! it's a fun opportunity for me to share things i think are awesome. most fridays will still be friday creatives but every once in a while i will sneak in a little show & tell like today...

today i'm loving the new (a still only available for preorder) polaroid gl10 mobile printer. this cutie pie mini printer does 3x4 prints or (and this is the kicker) classic polaroid-style prints! and it prints in less than a minute with no ink to refill because it's all about the special paper! cool right? i must have one!here's a pic...

and here's a link in case you want to know more.

hope you're having a happy friday!

xo, carly

Friday, April 22, 2011


so my shelves are finally up and actually have a collection of photos & memorabilia on them! what do you think?
i'm sure i will be playing with the frames and collections endlessly, rearranging them for the seasons (and my moods)...but that's the fun part right?!

happy friday!

xo, carly

Friday, April 8, 2011

friday creative

today's project is a fun twist on your everyday scrapbook and was inspired by my awesomely creative friend alissa, if you haven't checked out her blog yet, it's a fun one! it's a vintage book scrapbook! i made this one for my photos and memorabilia from last year's farm chicks show (gotta get it all scrapbooked before this year's show).

here's the outside, just a normal book...

and open it up all ready for page protectors, photos, tickets, postcards and more!


-vintage book like a dictionary or encyclopedia (make sure it is large enough to hold the things you want to put inside)

-3 ring binder mechanism

-2 book pages to "wallpaper" inside covers if desired

-strip of kraft wrapping paper to "wallpaper" book middle

-favorite adhesive (i recommend glue stick)

-rivets & tool

how to:

-remove the insides of your book carefully, so as not to damage the cover.

-if "wallpapering"/covering the inside covers with paper, choose decorative paper or 2 book pages from the book insides and adhere to the cover.

-for the middle of the inside spine, cut a piece of kraft wrap and adhere to book.

-let adhesive dry.

-place binder mechanism in desired place & mark with a pencil.

-drill holes and rivet into place.

-ta-da! now just add page protectors, photos and memorabilia!

happy friday!

xo, carly

Friday, April 1, 2011

a little difficulty...

so i'm having some technical difficulties with this week's friday creative and i'm not giving up yet, but in the meantime i thought i would share the next step in my shelf project (remember this one).

so the shelves are getting their second coat of my favorite cream paint, behr ultra in aged parchment and my new brackets came today!

aren't they just gorgeous?! is it ridiculous to love brackets? well i do! and in case you love them too, i got them here.

i'm hoping to have this project finished in a few days and then i'll show you how it all turns out!

happy friday!

xo, carly