Wednesday, January 28, 2015

crafty projects for 2015

2015 is my 3rd year creating a crafty project list for the year and while i've yet to successful complete a list, it has proved a very fun way to focus my creative energies and goals. here's my new list:

-DIY beauty products: i've been working really hard to go "green" with my cosmetics (more on that later) and all my free time spent on pinterest has encouraged me to just make some things myself.
from great oak circle

-english muffins: as a baker bread feels challenging so i just tackle one recipe at a time. now that i'm pretty happy with my cinnamon roll recipe, i ready to move on to something else. and i've sampled homemade english muffins so i know they are worth the effort!
from king arthur flour

-ricotta: another kitchen project i've been meaning to tackle is trying my hand at making my own fresh ricotta cheese.
from framed cooks

-cute throw pillows: i think this might have been on the list 2 years ago but now i have some cute ideas and i might actually get them done.
from style me pretty

-scrapbooking: last year it was my goal to scrapbook more, i did and it was wonderful so i want to do it even more! this year i hope to do it at least once a month to document all of changes coming our way!

-cardmaking: my scrapbooking style is pretty streamlined but cardmaking is where i test new products and techniques. and it's so fun to send mail to the ones you love! so i think mondays should be mail day mondays!

what's on your list?


Thursday, January 1, 2015

hello again

it's been a long, long time! i suspect most of you have given up on me and now it's just my father-in-law reading this (hi mark, thanks for checking in on me). 

but if you are still here, thank you. i never meant to quit blogging, i just needed a break last year after my grandpa passed away. first i left my blog and then i kinda took a break from the internet in general. well except from pinterest. and instagram...because you know i have those apps on my phone (hee, hee). then there were a few silly projects that kept me occupied but i'll tell you about those later...

and now 2015 is here and so much is going to happen. shaun is so close to finishing school which will precipitate so much change in our lives. i've personally been living in a happy little holding pattern for the last 3+ years, i'm kinda freaking out. but i think i'm formulating a plan for my future happiness. so you might see big changes here on the blog as i puzzle it out or they might turn out to be small ones (i'm fickle like that so who knows) but at least you know i'm blogging again.

so happy new year! 2015 is going to be the best yet!