Friday, January 13, 2017

so much love for concord & 9th...

I think I've been talking about Concord & 9th's Happy Card die set for a while now but that is actually not the only product of theirs that I love, LOL! I have so much love for Concord & 9th...I love their fresh, fun style and I have loved getting to know them a little bit in my "day job" at Ellen Hutson LLC (can't wait to meet them in real life next week at CHA). So anyways, you can imagine how thrilled and honored I was when C&9 asked me to guest for them to show off how awesome their January release is! And guess what is included in the January release, more dies to coordinate with my beloved Happy Card set! I think I did a dance of joy, LOL!

In addition to the Love Always Frame die set, there is a super cute Love Always stamp set that has images that are simply perfect! Here's a look the them bundled together...
And here's the cards I created...
The stripes were calling my name (you should see my closet)! And I always love foil.

To create these cards, I started with stamping the stripes repeatedly across the corner of a white panel and embossing.
To foil, I just placed ombre pink & gold transfer foil over the stripes and ran it through my laminator.
The leftover foil was so pretty, I thought it deserved to be used so I placed a piece of double-sided adhesive on top to transfer the foil. Then I removed the liner paper and placed the now-sticky foil onto a piece of white cardstock. And finally I used a powder tool to deactivate the adhesive left showing through the stripes.
I tried the double-sided adhesive and left over foil again but I removed the bottom liner first, placing it onto cardstock, and then removed the top liner. Does that make sense? Well the result was much more distressed but still lovely...

Here are the yummy-stripy-foil-backgrounds I created! They make me so happy and I haven't got to my beloved Happy Card set yet!
I used the Love Always Frame set to complete my cards, using the love with the frame, using just the word and making foiled heart confetti.

The love die is so awesome, with lines etched in the die to match it with the frame (see the pink arrow).
And to foil just the "love" word (in the frame), I die cut the frame, then placed a piece of double sided adhesive where the love goes across before die cutting the word (see pink arrow).

Thank you Concord & 9th for inviting me to show off some of you awesome products!!!

And thanks for stopping by friends!!!



Laura Norris said...

OH my Carly!! These are so gorgeous ! Foil all the things my friend!

Genevieve said...

I loooove that you are still foiling away just wanted to share a quick trick matte medium foils so when you have that negative sheet just but a coat of it and foil it :)