Friday, July 29, 2022

finding my crafty mojo with concord & 9th

It's my last Feature Friday with Concord & 9th! It's been so much fun to create with their most recent release and share with you! 

Today there are two sets from C9 that we are talking about but lately I've been feeling a little blah in the craft room so I decided to give myself a little challenge to see if I could find my crafty mojo. 

Here are the guidelines I set...

  • minimal supplies - just the fab Concord & 9th sets we're featuring today, two colors of ink (plus black) and blending brushes.
  • a set time - I've been known to take a week or two when creating so for this I gave myself 30 minutes per card. Spoiler, I totally blew it on the time that leads me to the final guideline...
  • just have fun and disregard the other rules if that's where my creativity takes me!
Here are the cards I made...

I'm surprised how with the same color scheme one card is so soft and one is so bold. And I'm totally inspired to make more of these cards with more colors!

With Blended Petals card I stamped the image first to have a guide to use with the stencils but the stencils were super easy to use and I could have done it in any order! I'm excited to use the stencils more, it's such a fun way to add color to an image. And how gorgeous are those flowers?!
With Popsicle Party card I applied Ballet Slipper with the base stencil first. Then without moving the stencil I added Honeysuckle ink, blending down from the top. I liked the ombre look so much that I decided to skip the detail layers.
I highly recommend popping over to the C9 blog to see what Channin & Mindy have made! They are both amazing makers that inspire me so much!

And there's a little giveaway on my IG if you have time to stop by there too!

Hope you have a fab weekend!

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