Saturday, August 13, 2022

simple stamp masking for mft august countdown day 3

Masking is one of my favorite stamping techniques because it feels like magic to combine separate images into something else. As we are counting down to the MFT Stamps release, I created a card with some simple masking...

If you haven't used masking techniques with your stamps it is really just the process of stamping one image and then covering it or part of it before stamping another image over it so the first image is in front or on top.

For example on this card I stamped the little reading bear from the Bookworm Bears first on my card front. Then I stamped him again on a post-it note, cut him out and placed the post-it note bear over the bear on my card front.

Then I stamped the stack of books from the School Is Cool set so the bear looks like he is sitting on the books.

I made another post-it mask, this time with the books, and masked them on the card so I could stamp books down the card creating the tower.

After stamping all the images I just colored them simply with Copic markers.

Thanks for stopping by! You can find more peeks at the MFT August release on their blog and YouTube channel.

Have a great day!

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