Saturday, January 4, 2020

how to be more creative

Creativity is a skill you can cultivate and here are 3 techniques I use to be more creative.

I agree with Maya Angelou 100% that you can't use up creativity but I've certainly been known to misplace it. Anyone else ever feel like their creative mojo has hit the road? 

Here are a few ways I sharpen my creative skills...
  • Create without purpose. As a crafter, I am generally making for a reason like a birthday card for a friend, a holiday garland, etc. BUT when I'm not feeling super creative, sometimes it is just good to get out some paint or markers and PLAY. Just have fun experimenting.
  • Challenge yourself with limited supplies. I'm not gonna lie, I have a lot of craft supplies. Like A LOT. And sometimes all the choices are actually a road block. I can spend hours just trying to choose a medium to use. As a fun creative exercise, sometimes I choose one medium, one simple color palette and 1-2 other tools to see how many different projects I can make. This is a great challenge for cards.
  • Make a crafty goal list. One last thing I like to do is create a crafty project list for the year. Some people set fitness goals, I set craft goals (and that pretty much explains me, haha!) Here is my project list for 2020...
Felt Flowers
Rifle Inspired Wreath by Alison Michel on Etsy

Every time I see felt flowers I think, I NEED to make some of those! I already have so many wonderful die cuts that would work perfectly.

Flower Sweatshirt
Misusu Decorated Sweatshirt

Speaking of playing with felt and using my cardmaking supplies for other cute would it be to decorate a sweatshirt with felt flowers?!

Birthday Calendar

DIY Recipe Box Birthday Calendar by Tatertots & Jello

I am complete rubbish at remembering birthdays, which feels extra embarrassing as a cardmaker. I'm going to get myself organized with a birthday calendar like this one that can also hold the cards I make until I'm ready to send them.

So what sparks your creativity? 

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Tammy T said...

I love all these ideas! And I can't wait to see you in this sweatshirt!