Wednesday, January 15, 2020

using dies with the foil press

Did you know that you can use your low-profile dies with the Gemini Foil Press?
I love that my dies can do double duty, cutting and foiling! And I have to tell you a secret, I haven't found many hot foil dies (the dies that are designed for use with hot foil & the foil press,) that I dig soooo I'm extra happy that I can use my low-profile cutting dies.
The thickness of the cutting line on the dies often varies by brand so it's fun to test them out. These Hero Art heart dies have a really thin cutting line so it creates a very delicate foiled shape. You can see what I mean in this quick process video...

By the way, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Ellen Hutson is having a big, fun sale and you can stock up on some good tools including FOIL! You can check it out HERE.

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I Card Everyone said...

that Dino is just too cute - and totally deserving of that fabulous pink-foiled heart, Carly!
I don't have any of the Gemini tools, yet! But I sure do love watching you, and Julie play! xx